Introducing NEW Premium Editions

One of the great strengths of the Little Latin Readers program is that it combines the best features that are most effective in learning a language: gentle immersion at a gradual pace which will give students an important sense of achievement and success since they will be reading Latin sentences and paragraphs in story context from the beginning. This is augmented by workbooks with answer keys that offer thorough explanations and incremental exercises which facilitate easy progress at any age. It is for this reason that we recommend that all learners at any age begin with Liber Primus, Puella Romana.

What's New In Premium Editions?

Full-Year Latin Learning Courses

  Expanded 36-week structure accommodates homeschool & classroom use.
  More reading selections and workbook activities.
  More in-depth coverage of grammar concepts.
  More enrichment activities in the drill book.
  More quotes from the Biblia Sacra Vulgata and Liber Usualis.
  Introducing Latin prayers.
  Daily lesson plans with weekly quizzes and quarterly tests.
  Additional explanations in all new Teacher’s Guide.

Multi-Student Savings

Shopping for 10 or more students? Mix and match any Premium Complete sets to save big!

10+ Complete Sets
Just $59.95ea.

Continuing in the Classics?

Premium Editions of Liber Primus, Liber Secundus, and Liber Tertius take the place of Classic Primers A, B, and C respectively. Complete sets of Levels 1-4 continue to be available.

The companion audio for all levels you have purchased in the past can be downloaded from the Audio Online areas, or continue to listen anytime in your Audio Online courses area.