Primer A: Puella Romana Drill Set


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Puella Romana Drill Book and companion Puella Romana Drill Book CD offer enrichment exercises and additional explanations for the lessons in the Puella Romana Workbook.

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The Primer A Puella Romana Drill Book and Puella Romana Drill Book Audio are offered in this separate set as an enrichment for the Puella Romana Reader and Workbook. Drill book lessons correspond with the lessons in the workbook, providing additional exercises and more in-depth explanations of the grammar concepts introduced in the workbook.

In addition, English cognates derived from the featured vocabulary words are included to help the student learn to recognize Latin roots in English words.

Short sentences with first declension nouns taken from the Latin Vulgate Bible, the Liber Usualis or the writings of the saints are presented as models for the student to copy and memorize if desired.

The accompanying Puella Romana Drill Book Audio aids the student in memorizing the grammar rules and definitions and in learning the correct pronunciation of the Latin.

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