Primer C: Civitates Europae Pronunciation Audio


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Civitates Europae Pronunciation Audio Companion provides a professional narration of reading selections in Civitates Europae Reader.


PRIMER C: Civitates Europae (The States of Europae), the third primer in the Little Latin Readers series, is ideal for all students who have completed Primer B: Britanni et Galli.

The Civitates Europae Reader introduces with engaging descriptions of the history and geography of several European countries. Second declension masculine and neuter nouns are used in sentences with simple third person being verbs and intransitive verbs in the present tense. The genitive case of the first and second declension and the use of nouns of possession are introduced. The student will learn more prepositions and a rich variety of new vocabulary words..

The Civitates Europae Pronunciation Audio Guide features a narration of all the stories in the reader, giving the correct pronunciation for all the words presented in this level. Very helpful resource!

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