Primer C: Civitates Europae Drill Book Audio


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Companion audio for the Civitates Europae Drill Book, providing pronunciation of all vocabulary words, Latin sentences and a reading of all grammar definitions as an aid to memorization.


PRIMER C: Civitates Europae (The States of Europe), the third primer in the Little Latin Readers series, is ideal for all students who have completed Primer A Puella Romana, and Primer B Britanni et Galli.

Civitates Europae Drill Book offers enrichment exercises and more in-depth explanations of the grammar concepts in the companion Civitates Europae Workbook lessons.

This Civitates Europae Drill Book Audio provides a recitation model for the drills and Latin sentences in the drill book and the correct pronunciation for all the words presented in this level. Very helpful resource!


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