Primer A: Puella Romana Pronunciation Audio Access


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Audio provides professional narration of all reading selections in Primer A: Puella Romana (The Roman Girl) Reader.


PRIMER A: Puella Romana Reader, the beginning primer in the Little Latin Readers series, introduces the student to simple Latin sentences and short paragraphs. First declension feminine nouns are used in sentences with simple third person being verbs and intransitive verbs in the present tense. Prepositional phrases with in and ad and adjective phrases are also introduced.

The companion Workbook gives short explanations of beginning Latin grammar concepts and focuses on the nominative, accusative and ablative cases of the first declension. The student will learn to recognize subjects, predicate nominatives and objects of prepositions through a variety of drills.

The Puella Romana Pronunciation Audio features a narration of all the stories in the reader, giving the correct pronunciation for all the words presented in this level. Very helpful resource!

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