Classic Series, Primer A: Puella Romana (The Roman Girl) Drill Book Audio Companion

Centered around stories of a young Roman girl, the ancient Churches of the land, and the lives of families in ancient Italy, this Complete Set offers a rich tapestry of Latin Learning for the first half of grade 2—be it school or for those home-schooled.


Classic Series, Primer A: Puella Romana (The Roman Girl) Drill Book Audio Companion

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How It Works

Each level of our Classic Series is carefully designed to enrich Latin learning, offering a perfect blend of educational materials and support. 

At the front of the book, students and educators will find suggested lesson plans, offering a structured pathway through each volume’s content, ensuring a smooth and engaging learning experience from start to finish.

The back sections of the book are rich with resources to solidify understanding and enhance teaching.
The Answer Key provides detailed solutions to exercises, supporting independent learning and teaching accuracy. The Cumulative Review section allows for the reinforcement of knowledge, ensuring key concepts are mastered. The Glossary of Grammatical Terms acts as a quick reference, demystifying Latin grammar. For visual learners, the Noun and Adjective Phrase Chart offers a clear overview of essential language structures.

The Teacher’s Guide is full of insights for educators, enriching the teaching experience with deeper context and pedagogical strategies. Lastly, the Suggestion for Boardwork presents creative ideas for interactive lessons.

Together, these elements equip both learners and teachers with everything needed for a successful journey through the Latin language.


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