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Premium Edition: Expanded to a Full-Year Course with Teacher’s Guide!
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Liber Tertius Civitates Europae Complete Set Includes:

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Prepared for students in grade 8, this series circles back to the rich history and geography of the vast plains of ancient Europe, but with new content and more advanced grammar & vocabulary fitting for this curriculum’s final stage.

Recasting the illustrious characters of St. Patrick, Charlemagne, Isabella the Queen of Spain, Christopher Columbus, and many more, students will deepen their Latin language along historical stories they would be familiar with, building upon the language knowledge they’ve accrued. 

Designed for both learning in school and at home, this Complete Set has everything a curious learner would need to immerse in Latin speaking, listening, reading, and writing—thanks to a reader, audio companion, workbooks, drill books, a Teacher’s Guide of Lesson Plans, Tests, and Answer Keys.

With this interconnected way of learning, wrought against dramatic contexts of history and Christendom, Latin learners will have every momentum towards fluency in the language of the church. 

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Premium Edition Reader

Grammar Topics
Short Stories with Translations

Premium Edition Workbook

First And Second Declension Review
Introducing Third Declension
Second And Third Declension Neuter Nouns
Third Declension I-Stem Nouns
Fouth Declension Nouns
Third And Fourth Declension Genitive Phrases
Third Declension Adjectives
Adjectives In The Superlative Degree
Third Declension Adjectives
Fifth Declension Nouns
Transitive Verbs And Direct Adjectives
Relative Pronouns
Relative Clauses
Four Conjugations Of Verbs
Perfect Tense
Ablative Of Time
Latin Numerals 10-100
Imperfect Tense
Perfect Passive Tense
Demonstrative Pronouns
Perfect Passive Participles
Demonstrative Adjectives
Present Active Infinitives
The Verb Iubeo
The Verb Possum
The Verb Facio
Ablative Of Time
The Dative Case
The Verb Doceo
The Deponent Verb Utor
Ablative Of Means
Perfect Tense Of Esse
Relative Clauses
The Verb Pertineo
Recognizing Sentence Elements
Comparative Adjectives
Deponent Verbs
Locative Case
The Adverb Bene
The Verbs Volo And Nolo
Ablative Absolute
The Adverb Clam
The Conjunction Aut
The Conjunction Quod
Present Active Participles
The Verb Rogo
Relative Clauses
The Preposition Propter
More Work With Quod
Sentence Diagramming
Intransitive Verbs
Present Active Participles
The Verb Permaneo
Diagramming Transitive Verbs
Diagramming Clauses
Deponent Verb Patior
The Preposition Contra

Premium Edition Drill Book

First Declension Nouns
Second Declension Nouns
Third Declension Nouns
Fifth Declension Nouns
First Declension Adjectives
Second Declension Adjectives
Latin-English Cognates
The Four Cardinal Directions
Latin Cardinal Numbers
Bayeux Tapestri Tituli
Preces Latinae
Ex Biblia Sacra
Three Tenses Of Being Verbs And Personal Pronouns
Third Declension Practice
The Four Conjugations Of Latin Verbs
Conversatio Cum Amicis
Third Declension Adjectives
Forming The Perfect Indicative Active
Rex Fluminum Hiberniae
Nominative Plurals Of Third, Fourth and Fifth Declension Nouns
Verb Matching
Principal Parts Of Verbs
Mons Paricii
Present And Perfect Stems Of Verbs
Latin Numeral Practice
Sancta Brigida
The Irregular Verb “Eo”
Present Being Verb and Personal Pronoun Review
Latin Antonyms
Missing Latin Verbs
Colloquium Inter Magistrum Et Discipulum
Renascentia Carolingiana
Present Active Infinitives
Present and Perfect Stems of Verbs
Carolingian Script
Nomina Civitatum
Nomina Oceanorum Et Marum
Nomina Populorum Notorum
Nomina Montium
Nomina Animalium
Deponent Verbs
Perfect Passives
Latin Dates
Christophorus Columbus, Explorator Et Navigator
Ablative Absolutes
Epistola De Insulis Nuper Repertis
Benedictiō Ante Mēnsam
Nomina Dēclīnātiōnis Quartae
Present and Perfect Stems Of Verbs
Identifying Tense, Person and Number of Verbs
Present Active Participles
More Latin Dates
Animalia Poloniae
Cathedra Regalis Cracoviae
Questiones De Populis Notis Europae

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