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Premium Edition: Expanded to a Full-Year Course with Teacher’s Guide!
with Companion Audio of Pronunciation and Drill Book

Liber Secundus Britanni et Galli (The Britons and Gauls) Complete Set Includes:

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Fitting for students in grade 7, this advanced Latin curriculum allows learners to cement their language knowledge by circling back to studied themes and stories—while introducing more advanced grammar and vocabulary enriched by narrative and faith-based contexts. 

In this set, they’ll be revisiting the momentous conquest of Britain and Gaul by the Roman Empire. By returning to characters and landscapes they’re familiar with from the classic series—and layering on newer content & more advanced language concepts—students can deepen their Latin on foundations they’ve already built. 

Whether they’ll be learning in a school setting or at home, this Complete Set will support them with a reader, audio companion, workbooks, drill books, a Teacher’s Guide of Lesson Plans, Tests, and Answer Keys—weaving in quotes and readings from the Holy Bible to the hymns of the church. 

This is a deeply thought-out curriculum designed to inspire students by tangibly experiencing their progress, learning with the intrigue of ancient stories, and being instilled with Christian values.

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Premium Edition Reader

Grammar Topics
Short Stories with Translations

Premium Edition Workbook

First Declension Masculine Nouns
Being Verb Erat In Imperfect Tense
Second Declension Nouns Ending In -r
The Ablative Case
The Imperfect Tense
First Declension Endings Review
Second Declension Endings Review
Singular And Plural Prepositional Objects
Adjective Phrases
New Intransitive Verbs
Masculine & Feminine Noun Pairs
Second Declension Nouns Ending In -us
Second Declesion Masculine Adjectives
Adjectives ending In -r
First Declension Genitive Case
Genitive Phrases
New Prepostions
Accusative Case
The Indefinite Pronoun Alius
Latin Cardinal Numbers
Second Declension Genitive
The Conjunctions Sed And Quod
More Transitive Verbs
Dates In Latin
Second Declension Nouns
Verbs In Imperfect Tense
Third Person Singular Verbs
Third Person Imperfect Active Verbs
Subjects And Predicate Complements
Predicate Nominatives And Adjectives
New Prepositions De And Contra
Identifying Subjects
Identifying Predicate Complements
Identifying Predicate Nominatives And Adjectives
Saints’ Names
Identifying Direct Objects
Direct Objects And Transitive Verbs
Ablative Of Time

Premium Edition Drill Book

Grammar Rules
Expanded Vocabulary
Latin-English Cognates
Being Verb Esse In Present And Imperfect Tense
First Declesion Masculine Nouns
The Sign of the Cross (Signum Crucis)
Ex Biblia Sacra (From The Holy Bible)
Present Active Indicative Imperfect Verbs
Second Declension Masculine Nouns
Recognizing Declension And Gender
Modifying First Declension Feminine Nouns
The Preposition Cum
Ego Sum Phrases
Ave Maria (The Hail Mary)
Names of Latin Cases
Second Declension Masculine Adjectives
First Conjugation Verbs
Ex Verbis Sanctorum (From the Words of the Saints)
The Genitive Case
The Prepositions Per, Ad an Ex
Noun Functions Of The Nominative Case
Ex Hymnis Ecclesiae (From the hymns of the Church)
Second Conjugation Verbs
Latin Personal Pronouns
Practice With Ablative Plural
Transitive Verbs
Second Declension Neuter Nouns
Subject-Verb Agreement
Ablative of Time
Fourth Conjugation Verbs
Nominative Plural Neuter Nouns
Gloria Patri (Glory Be)
Identifying Conjugations
Ablative of Means
Neuter Adjective Phrases
Prepositional Phrase Practice
Adjective Phrase Practice
Latin Cardinal Numbers
Verb Phrase Practice
Predicate Nominatives and Adjectives
Masculine Nouns and Adjectives
Latin Antonyms
Genitive Phrase Practice

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