Companion Workbook for Liber Primus Puella Romana Reader.

The workbook (8-1/2″ x 11″) gives short explanations of beginning Latin grammar concepts and focuses on the nominative, accusative and ablative cases of the first declension. The student will learn to recognize subjects, predicate nominatives and objects of prepositions through a variety of drills.

Be sure to check out the Puella Romana Drill Book as enrichment and extension of the lessons in the Puella Romana Workbook.


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Premium Edition Reader

Grammar Topics
Short Stories with Translations

Premium Edition Workbook

First Declension Nouns
Ecclesiastical Vowels Pronunciation
Ecclesiastical Consonants Pronunciation
The Being Verb Est
The Adverb Non
Proper And Common Nouns
First Declension Adjectives
Subject/Adjective Identification
First Declension Plural Nouns
Accent The Long Vowels
Pronunciation Practice
Subject/Predicate Adjective Identification
The Being Verb Sunt
Plural Subjects
More Work With Adjectives
Noun/Adjective Identification
Adjective Phrases
Prepositional Phrases With In
Subject/Verb Agreement
Parts Of Speech
Nominative Endings
Plural Adjective Phrases
The Preposition Ad
Third Person Singular Verbs
New Intransitive Singular Verbs
Third Person Plural Verbs
Predicate Nominatives And Predicate Adjectives
New Preposition Prope
More Adjective Phrases
More Prepositional Phrases
Missing Subjects
Adjective/Noun Agreement
Missing Adjectives
First declension Masculine Nouns
Identifying Feminine And Masculine Nouns
Adjectives of Quality
Adjectives of Quantity

Premium Edition Drill Book

Grammar Rules
Expanded Vocabulary
Latin – English Cognates
First Declension Noun Practice
Latin Days of The Week
The Sign of the Cross (Signum Crucis)
Feast Days (From The Liber Usualis)
Subject-Verb Agreement
The Latin Being Verb ‘Esse’
The Hail Mary (Ave Maria)
Scripture Quotes From The New Testament
Latin Adjectives
Personal Pronouns
‘Ego Sum’ Phrases
Latin Prayers From Vespers
First Declension Nominative Plural Nouns
Person and Number Review
Using ‘Id Est’
‘Ex Biblia Sacra’ (From The Holy Bible)
Being Verb Identification
The Ampersand
The Adverb ‘Non’
Adjectives of Quality
Adjective Phrase Matching
Adjectives of Quantity
New Prepositional Phrases
First Declension Endings
Latin Cardinal Numbers
First Conjugation
First Conjugation Verb Matching
Latin Antonyms
Verb Identification
‘Ex Verbis Sanctorum’ (From The Words of The Saints)
Identifying Sentence Elements
Declining More First Declension Nouns
Sentence Element Practice
Cardinal Number Practice
Gloria Patri (Glory Be)
Declining Adjective Phrases

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Dimensions 11 × 9 × .5 in


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