Level Three: Christus et Apostoli Pronunciation Audio


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Companion audio for the Christus et Apostoli Reader, providing pronunciation of all reading selections drills and vocabulary words.


Level Three: Christus et Apostoli (Christ and the Apostles), is ideal for all students who have completed Level Two: Vita Mariae. The next step is Level Four: Sancta Missa!

The Christus et Apostoli Reader uses accounts from the life of Christ adapted from the Vulgate New Testament to introduce the student to more involved Latin stories and poems.Third declension nouns, including I-stem nouns, are included, along with many familiar first and second declension nouns. Indirect objects in the dative case are found throughout.

The accompanying Christus et Apostoli Workbook features a review of first and second declension nouns and introduces feminine, masculine and neuter third declension nouns, including I-stem nouns. The student will learn rules for identifying the genders of third declension nouns and will have extensive opportunities to diagram Latin sentences with nouns, subject complements, being verbs, transitive and intransitive verbs, direct and indirect objects, and adjective and prepositional phrases. The modification of direct objects and objects of prepositions with adjectives is also presented.

This audio pronunciation guide includes the correct pronunciation for all the words presented in this level. Very helpful tool!

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