Level Four: Sancta Missa Set


Includes Companion Audio Online Listening Area

This set includes the Level Four intermediate Sancta Missa (The Holy Mass) Reader, companion Sancta Missa Workbook, and Sancta Missa Pronunciation Audio.


Level Four: Sancta Missa (The Holy Mass), is ideal for all students who have completed Level Three: Christus et Apostoli. Students who have completed Level Four are encouraged to begin study of Henle Latin I.

This set includes the Sancta Missa Reader, Sancta Missa Workbook, and Sancta Missa Pronunciation Audio.

This Sancta Missa Reader presents a brief examination of the Catholic Mass in illustrated articles and excerpts from the writings of the saints, drawing from the monumental study of the Mass, The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; Dogmatically, Liturgically and Ascetically Explained” by the Rev. Nicholas Gihr. Along with familiar nouns of the first three declensions, the student will learn some fourth and fifth declension nouns. Verbs that use the dative case will be featured as well as the use of appositives in the nominative and accusative case. 58 pages. Small format (5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″). Translations included. Illustrated. 2nd Edition.

In the companion Sancta Missa Workbook, the student will review the first three declensions of nouns and learn nouns of the fourth and fifth declensions. Declension charts of nouns in all five cases as well as declension of adjective phrases will continue as in Level 3. Nouns in apposition will be studied along with third declension adjectives. The student will also have practice in parsing, a useful method of analyzing components of a Latin sentence.

The workbook gives more in-depth explanations of the grammar and provides plenty of exercises and drills of grammar concepts, including much practice in diagramming sentences. Also includes a 10-week suggested lesson plan. 110 pages. Illustrated. 8-1/2″ x 11″

The Sancta Missa Pronunciation Audio includes the correct pronunciation for all the words presented in this level. Very helpful tool!

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