The first intermediate level, Italia (Italy) offers longer stories and poems than the primers. This level features a thorough examination of first and second declension feminine, masculine and neuter nouns in stories about ancient Italy. First and second declension adjectives ending in -us, -a, and -um are used extensively and the student will learn to modify first and second declension nouns in the nominative case, as well as have many opportunities to decline nouns in all cases, using declension charts. Drills with identification of sentence elements, construction of adjective phrases, prepositional phrases, translation of sentences, proofreading, and extensive vocabulary review and more are featured throughout.

This level is recommended for students who have completed Primers A, B and C who will be presented with a more intensive examination of the grammatical concepts. Older beginning students may also begin with Italia if a more accelerated course is desired.

Please click on individual items for more detailed descriptions of each. See the curriculum page for grammatical components covered in each level.