How many Latin names of these royal figures do you know?
Test your knowledge below:

Civitates Europae (The States of Europe) is Liber Tertius (Third Book) of the Little Latin Readers series, featuring stories in Latin about the geography and history of several European nations.

You will learn about notable kings and queens of Europe. Of special interest are their titles. The custom was to give the first name of the monarch followed by the number and title: Henrīcus I Rēx Angliæ.

Sometimes the monarch earned a moniker representing their character (not always flattering!) or most famous achievement, e.g., Henrīcus IV ‘Impotēns’ Rēx Castellæ (Henry IV the Impotent, King of Castile) or Guilelmus Conquestor (William the Conqueror).

Many European monarchs had more than one title. Philip II was King of Spain, King of Portugal, King of Naples and Sicily , and jure uxoris King of England and Ireland (during his marriage to Queen Mary I)!

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