Give Your Students the Latin Advantage

The Little Latin Readers Series is a Latin language program that offers your students the unparalleled academic and spiritual advantages of learning Latin while strengthening their Catholic identity.

Inspired by the model of Bob Books, which are little books based on simple words for beginning English readers, author Julie Collorafi, a graduate of Christendom College, designed Little Latin Readers to be small, hand-sized readers with short, simple Latin stories introducing a limited number of concepts and vocabulary words in gradually progressing levels. Workbooks and pronunciation CDs reinforce learning.

The innovative series is written  to make learning Latin come easily and naturally for students of all ages.

Students from the second grade on up are able to begin the study of Latin! 

About the Little Latin Readers Series

Featuring short stories, simple poems and dialogues, the small – format readers, workbooks, drill books and pronunciation CD’s have students reading and writing Latin sentences and paragraphs from the beginning.

Students of all ages will enjoy selections about ancient Rome, scenes from the lives of the saints and stories about the early Church.

Separate volumes include Catholic Europe, the life of Our Lady, Christ and the Apostles and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and each level comes with a reader, comprehensive workbook, answer keys and pronunciation CD.

Students succeed with our program because they are able to experience the benefits of Latin Language immersion at a gentle pace, with our small-format readers giving them an important sense of achievement and success.

As educators, you know the value of Latin language learning. Latin helps students to:

• Learn better, faster and more efficiently
• Improve test scores
• Enrich vocabulary and comprehension

Students start with Liber Primus, Puella Romana, which offers a comprehensive introduction to Latin, from the perspective of the language of the church.

• Reader
• Workbook
• Pronunciation Audio Companion
• Drill Book
• Drill Audio Companion
• Teacher’s Guide

Outstanding Features of the Little Latin Readers Series

The Little Latin Readers Series is  combines the best features that are most effective in learning a language: immersion at a slow pace, gentle enough for anyone to progress no matter what the age, and explanation and reinforcement of grammar concepts, while being able to use the audio companions as a guide to correct pronunciation.

• Latin language immersion at a gentle pace
• Completion of short, small-format readers give students an important sense of achievement and success.
• Workbooks and answer keys facilitate easy progress at any age
• Pronunciation audio companions guarantee correct pronunciation of words
• Explanations of grammar concepts, cumulative vocabulary reviews, reading drills, translations of all selections, and a Latin-English dictionary for easy reference.

If you are interested in learning more about our program, feel free to contact us at, or feel free to call us at 1-855-732-3528 (1-855-READ-LATIN.

Below is a sampling of the enthusiastic responses we receive from parents.

Little Latin Readers were offered to Catholic homeschooling; parents first. That success brought the series to you.

This is fantastic! My daughter just read the last lesson of Sancta Missa. She loved it! She said that she remembers when she first got the book, she turned to the last lesson and thought how difficult it looked. When she read it today, she was amazed that she was able to translate it with ease. Thank you for creating these incredible tools to help teach Latin and the Faith! We can't wait for Fides Patrum Ecclesia to be published! Thank you again, and God bless
Elizabeth, GA
I wanted to pass along my praise of Julie Collorafi's new Little Latin Readers. I find them wonderfully clear and concise in their contents, visually uncluttered and pleasing to the eye, and filled with lovely classical drawings and images throughout. They are little gems and I can not wait to use them with my children.
Kari, NY
My soon to be 4th grader loved levels A & B last year and is really looking forward to moving on. I love this series, my oldest had used [different Latin program] and we really felt like we had to slog through to get it done. But Little Latin Readers were always delightful and a joy. My younger one had learned nearly as much in 1 year with LLR as the oldest had learned in 2. Thanks for another great tool!
Zabrina, NC
My 3rd grader loves the Latin Readers. The stories are easy and simple for her to translate. They help her to build a basic vocabulary for everyday words. She now has a good base to build her Latin studies on later.
Pamela, TX
I have to say thank you for the fun Latin Readers! My daughter is enjoying the "gentle immersion" and we are just on Level A. We plan to continue as we are having great fun. God bless you all! Thank you for your fortifying newsletters, support, and enriching materials!
Claire, TX

If you are interested in learning more about our program, feel free to contact us at, or feel free to call us at 1-855-732-3528 (1-855-READ-LATIN.