How It Works


Building Latin fluency, layer by layer

Our concentric learning model is designed to build a solid foundation in Latin, fostering long-term mastery of the language. Starting with the basics in the Classic Series, students gain initial exposure to Latin’s structure and vocabulary, reinforced by practical applications and cultural insights. This approach ensures a deep understanding of fundamental concepts, which are revisited and expanded upon in the Premium Series for more advanced students. The benefits of this method include enhanced retention, a more profound appreciation of the Latin language course, and the ability to apply knowledge in various contexts, paving the way for lifelong learning and love for Latin.

Progressing through levels

Progression through Little Latin Readers is a journey of incremental growth in language proficiency and cultural understanding. Beginners, regardless of age, should start with the Classic Series, focusing on foundational grammar and vocabulary. This series is perfect for those new to Latin or elementary-aged learners. As students advance, transitioning to the Premium Series enriches their education with detailed grammar explanations, conversational Latin, and deeper cultural explorations. For those with prior exposure to Latin or older students, the Premium Series offers a challenging yet rewarding continuation of their studies, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging Latin language course experience.

Beyond the books

Little Latin Readers extends far beyond traditional textbooks, offering a comprehensive suite of resources designed to enrich the Latin learning experience. Practice exercises and workbooks provide ample opportunities for students to apply new concepts, enhancing understanding and retention. Our pronunciation guides, available in audio format, ensure that learners grasp ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation from the outset, bringing confidence in their speaking abilities. Regular quizzes and assessments track progress, helping students and educators identify strengths and areas for improvement. Together, these tools create a supportive framework that complements our Latin language course, boosting learners’ confidence and competence in Latin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Begin by considering the learner’s age and any previous Latin experience. Our Classic Series is perfect for beginners of all ages, while the Premium Series suits those looking to deepen their understanding.

Evaluate the learner’s current knowledge of Latin and their comfort with language learning. Feel free to contact us for guidance on selecting the most suitable starting point.

Absolutely! Our Latin language course is designed to complement various educational settings, enhancing broader learning objectives with its rich cultural and linguistic insights. Whether part of a homeschool curriculum or a traditional classroom, Little Latin Readers enriches any educational journey with the timeless value of Latin.