A Latin Learning Program Created for Catholic Schools!

If you’re an administrator principal or educator at a Catholic school, and you’re considering implementing a Latin curriculum, Little Latin Readers brings you a thorough, easy to teach, and faith-focused Latin language learning solution.

With our Catholic-focused coursework, a unique approach to language education, and online companion audio library, our curriculum is perfect for Catholic schools of all sizes and grade levels.

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“Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus”

“You, having been steeped in little things, being safe, shall attempt great things,”

Our motto and the guiding inspiration of my Latin program, Little Latin Readers.

Understanding The Little Latin Readers Difference

Teaching The Language Of The Church

Why should you choose Little Latin Readers? We are a Catholic organization where Catholics learn Latin and we’re dedicated to helping educate children in the Catholic faith through Latin learning.

Educating students about Catholicism in tandem with the Latin language is a perfect pairing. Translated stories teach the life of Jesus, Mary and the Apostles. We also include quotes from the Bible in Latin, Latin prayers, and detailed coursework about the Catholic Mass.

With 36 weekly lessons, quizzes and reviews, daily lesson plans, testing and a teacher instruction book, it’s never been easier to give your students a Catholic focused Latin education at your school.

“If you are seeking an easy way to learn the language of Holy Mother Church, then Little Latin Readers is the program for you! The presentation of the Latin exercises is easy to assimilate and are complimented with readers, drillbooks, and best of all, audio that provides the proper pronunciation. All of these tools help to facilitate a crowning objective: to learn Latin as an actual spoken language which will certainly contribute to the restoration of our Roman Catholic culture! Kudos to Julie and Rob Collorafi for the development of Little Latin Readers! May God abundantly bless you two for your tremendous efforts!”
Louis Tofari
Romanitas Press
"The Little Latin Readers series is simply the best program available for young learners of Latin. In terms of content and format, parents and students alike will discover an unparalleled presentation in which to engage the language of Western Civilization."
Jordan Almanzar, PhD, Academic Advisor
Latin Instructor, Kolbe Academy
"The Little Latin Readers are a delightful introduction to Latin for children. The program gives children a real, yet accessible reading experience enhanced by beautiful illustrations that foster comprehension, as well as a lovely variety of grammar practice."
Dr. Laura M. Eidt
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, University of Dallas

The Benefits Of Teaching Little Latin Readers Curriculum At Your School

Why should you teach Latin at your school?
Here are just a few reasons.

  • Reinforce Catholic values – Our course helps you stand out in a crowded education market, by delivering a truly Catholic-focused Latin education.
  • A more comprehensive classical education – Latin is one of the most important languages in Classical studies, the humanities, and in the study of world history, so it provides your students with a more well-rounded education. 
  • Better SAT test scores– Around 60% of English words are derived from Latin. This means that students who know Latin often score better on the SATand other standardized tests, particularly for reading and writing.
  • Students stand out during college applications – According to Harvard’s dean of undergraduate admissions, William Fitzsimmons, Latin helps students stand out when applying for admission to college.

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