Catholic-Focused Latin Lessons For Homeschools

At Little Latin Readers, we offer a thorough curriculum of Latin lessons for students of all grade levels, making it the perfect Catholic Latin course for homeschool learning.

You’ve made the great choice of including Latin learning in the curriculum for your child. Little Latin Readers provides you with all you need to succeed!

“Parvis imbutus tentabis grandia tutus”

“You, having been steeped in little things, being safe, shall attempt great things,”

Our motto and the guiding inspiration of my Latin program, Little Latin Readers.

Connect Your Children To Their Catholic Heritage

Nurture and strengthen your child’s Catholic faith, heritage and traditions while learning Latin.

Little Latin Readers is where Catholics learn Latin. Teach your children topics like Catholic liturgy and theological heritage, the lives of Jesus, Mary, and the Apostles, and Catholic Europe.

The new Premium Edition of Little Latin Readers includes a 36-week curriculum of lessons, comprehensive lesson plans, tests, quizzes, and reviews, as well as a book of teacher instructions. The easy language learning tools you need for your homeschooling setting.

With quotes from the Bible and Latin prayers, as well as companion audio for review of proper pronunciation, your child will grow in their Catholic faith and understanding.

The Power Of Latin – Improve SAT Scores And More!

Think Latin is a dead language? Think again! Students who learn Latin score better on the SAT and other standardized tests – particularly in reading and writing! This is because about 60% of all English words are derived from Latin!

Not only that, but some colleges, such as Harvard, prioritize undergraduates who know Latin and other Classical languages – so studying a Catholic Latin curriculum can help your student stand out when applying to colleges.

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