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A Latin curriculum that is flexible and comprehensive.

At Little Latin Readers, we understand the unique dynamics of homeschooling. That’s why we’ve crafted a Latin curriculum that is flexible, comprehensive, and designed to fit seamlessly into your homeschool environment. Our materials support and enrich your child’s education, making Latin language learning an engaging and spiritually enriching journey for the whole family.

Flexible learning paths

Our curriculum is designed to accommodate the diverse schedules of homeschooling families, ensuring Latin can be integrated smoothly regardless of your daily routine. Whether your child thrives on independent study or benefits from guided lessons, Little Latin Readers supports their learning style with materials that encourage both self-paced and parent-led instruction. The Classic Series introduces foundational grammar and pronunciation, ideal for beginners, while the Premium Series expands on this foundation with advanced grammar, conversational phrases, and cultural insights. Throughout, we integrate Catholic teachings and values into the lessons, enriching your child’s education with spiritual depth. Each series is structured to grow with your child, from foundational to advanced levels, reinforcing previous knowledge while introducing new concepts.

Comprehensive materials

Designed to enrich homeschooling, Little Latin Readers offers a variety of resources for Latin language learning. From Course Readers that tell captivating tales to Drill Books that solidify grammar and syntax, our curriculum engages young minds. Workbooks provide a wealth of exercises to practice new concepts, while Pronunciation Audio ensures clarity and confidence in spoken Latin. Tests and Quizzes, strategically placed throughout, help gauge progress and solidify learning. This comprehensive suite supports a journey through Latin, from the fundamentals to advanced communication, framed within a vibrant, faith-enriched context that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of young learners.

Building a community

Little Latin Readers creates a community for homeschooling families, creating bonds over shared Latin language learning experiences. Through our curriculum, families connect, sharing tips, achievements, and challenges, enriching everyone’s educational journey. This communal spirit extends beyond lessons, as families often celebrate their progress and discoveries together, reinforcing linguistic skills and a shared love for Latin’s rich heritage and its connection to the Catholic faith. It’s about growing together, in knowledge and faith, creating a nurturing environment for both children and parents alike.

Explore Little Latin Readers today and discover the joy and depth of Latin language learning. Reach out for guidance on starting or enhancing your Latin curriculum at home.
We’re here to support your journey every step of the way.

Designed for all levels of little learners
from Elementary to High School


Recommended for Grades 2 through 5

* Drill Book & Drill Book Audio are a part of Primer and Premium levels only.


Recommended for Grades 6 through 8 and beyond

"The Little Latin Readers are a delightful introduction to Latin for children. The program gives children a real, yet accessible reading experience enhanced by beautiful illustrations that foster comprehension, as well as a lovely variety of grammar practice.”

Dr. Laura M. Eidt Assistant Professor of Modern Languages,
University of Dallas

Frequently Asked Questions

It highly depends on whether you’ve had previous Latin instruction or not—and if so, to what extent. We’re always here to discuss it with teachers/principles and recommend the right level for your classrooms.

To make sure your students receive the Latin support that’s appropriate for them, simply get in touch with us directly so we can advise you further.
The Classic series is a basic introduction to Latin and is a semester long course which can be completed in three days per week. The Premium series is a more in depth treatment of grammar concepts, with a wider vocabulary, extensive practice drills, the use of accent marks, along with topics of enrichment including the study of Latin prayers, counting in Latin with Roman numerals, along with quotes from The Holy Bible and the Church’s liturgical books.
It depends on which series you choose—ranging from 5 times a week with the Premium series to 3-4 times a week with the Classic series.
Absolutely. Available either separately or as part of any complete set, you can get a Teacher’s Guide that includes detailed weekly lesson plans for a classroom—along with quizzes, quarterly & semester tests, and answer keys.