Help Little Latin Readers assist Catholic schools in strengthening Catholic identity.

Your support and contribution make a difference!

Little Latin Readers was designed to introduce students to their Catholic heritage by teaching them the rudiments of Latin, which is the official language of the Catholic Church. Using the immersion method, students learn Latin in a rich Catholic landscape with a variety of tools: small-format readers with stories about ancient Rome, Christ and the Apostles, the life of Mary, the Holy Mass, and Catholic Europe, workbooks with clear explanations and abundant practice with grammar concepts, and drill books offering further enrichment with quotes from the Latin Vulgate Bible, Latin prayers and Catholic liturgical books.

Our program serves Catholic schools by helping them to strengthen their Catholic identity and giving our them a practical tool to stand out academically.

If you would like to assist us in an advertising campaign to all English speaking dioceses and schools to let them know this resource is available to them, as well as helping Catholic schools in economically disadvantaged locations to be able to start pilot programs to learn Latin, please contribute here.


Interconnected Levels of Learning Provided by Classic and Premium Kits​