Little Latin Readers is where Catholic students learn Latin. Dedicated to increased test scores and the renewal of Catholic identity through the study of Latin, our course of study includes volumes on Catholic Europe, the lives of Jesus, Mary and the Apostles as well as the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Students, as early as second grade, benefit academically from the Little Latin Readers program which includes gentle immersion, explanation and reinforcement of grammar concepts and companion audio to guide correct pronunciation.

All levels include a reader, workbook, tests, answer keys and companion audio for pronunciation and drills. 

About The Author

Julie Collorafi grew up in Colorado, where she attended  Colorado Catholic Academy. She is a graduate of Christendom College where she studied Latin and Greek. She has taught at both the elementary and high school levels, as well as teaching Latin athomeschool co-ops, and currently homechools her  children.

She is also the author of the Catholic Great Books Study Guides.

After using the standard Latin textbooks with her students, she quickly saw the need for a more rudimentary, natural approach to acquire success in learning Latin.

Following the principle of learning Latin in the context of stories, she developed a series of gently gradated readers, workbooks and CD’s in collaboration with her husband Robert, who received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education from Long Island University.