About Us

At Little Latin Readers, our mission is to make the Latin language accessible and truly engaging for young learners, all within a framework that honors and integrates our Catholic faith. We aim to inspire a love for Latin through education that is both profound and enjoyable, encouraging students to connect with the historical and spiritual roots of the Church. By offering a curriculum that blends academic rigor with faith-based learning, we strive to nurture a deeper understanding and appreciation of Catholic heritage. Our approach ensures that Latin education fosters a connection to a rich cultural and spiritual legacy, making education in Latin a meaningful journey for every child.

Julie & Rob Collorafi

The Founders

Julie and Rob Collorafi are the heart and soul behind Little Latin Readers. Julie, with her background as a Christendom College graduate, Catholic school educator and homeschooling mother, combined with Rob’s expertise as a lifelong public school educator, schola and sacred music director, have poured their passion for Latin and Catholic education into creating this curriculum. Their collaborative vision has brought to life a curriculum that is both comprehensive and deeply infused with faith, setting a new standard for education in Latin.
“All of these tools help to facilitate a crowning objective: to learn Latin as an actual spoken language which will certainly contribute to the restoration of our Roman Catholic culture!”
Louis Tofari
Romanitas Press

Our Community Impact

Little Latin Readers has significantly impacted the community, creating a deep connection among families, educators, and Catholic education organizations. By emphasizing the importance of Latin within the Catholic tradition, we’ve provided a solid educational foundation and strengthened the Catholic identity among young learners. Our collaborations have extended to various Catholic education forums, enriching the curriculum with diverse perspectives and experiences. This synergy has empowered families to embrace Latin learning as part of their faith journey, creating a supportive network that celebrates both academic achievements and spiritual growth, showing the transformative power of education in Latin.

Why Choose Little Latin Readers?

Choosing Little Latin Readers means embracing a unique approach to Latin education, one that intertwines rigorous academic standards with a deep commitment to faith-based learning. Our curriculum is specifically designed to engage young minds, making Latin truly captivating. With materials that cater to a wide range of learners, from beginners to advanced students and a teaching methodology that incorporates Catholic teachings and values, we offer an unmatched educational experience. 

Supportive resources, including comprehensive guides and community support, ensure that educators and families are empowered to bring the richness of Latin and Catholic heritage into their homes and classrooms, making education in Latin an enriching journey for all.