Latin lessons that unlock success across professions.

Imagine a world where students excel in every field they choose. It is statistically proven that studying Latin improves academic performance for students at all levels, preparing them to shine in law, medicine, science, and the arts. With Little Latin Readers, learning Latin becomes a joyful journey, with our step-by-step immersion method sparking excitement and engagement. 

Did you know?
Nearly 90% of studies reveal that starting Latin in elementary school can elevate SAT Critical Reading, Math, and Writing scores by up to 200 points. Classics majors, with their deep understanding of Latin, achieve the highest average GPA and LSAT scores for law school admissions. Aspiring doctors who study Classics also excel, ranking second highest on the MCAT.

Reasons To Learn Latin

Give your students the advantage of a classical education that opens doors to endless possibilities.

Boosts Academic Performance

Students engaged in learning Latin often see significant improvements in test scores. The analytical skills developed through Latin study directly contribute to better results across all subjects.

Expands Vocabulary

With over half of English words having Latin roots, Latin lessons enrich a child’s vocabulary at an astonishing rate. This not only aids in reading comprehension but also in writing and verbal skills.

Enhances Critical Thinking

The structure of the Latin language requires learners to engage in complex problem-solving. This rigorous mental exercise sharpens critical thinking skills, which are invaluable in any academic or life situation.

Aids in learning other languages

Knowledge of Latin paves the way for easier acquisition of other languages, especially Romance languages like Spanish, French, and Italian.

Deepens cultural and historical understanding

Latin classes offer a window into the rich world of classical literature, history, and philosophy, connecting students with the intellectual heritage of Western civilization.

Strengthens cognitive development

Early Latin education fosters cognitive growth, encouraging patterns of thought that support lifelong learning and curiosity.

*Research shows that early Latin learning boosts English and Math skills, benefiting all students, including those with special needs.
Source: The Impact of Learning Latin on School Pupils: A Review of Existing Data, Language Learning Journal 48(2):1-11, Nov. 2017.

**SAT Scores: 2016 College-Bound Seniors Total Group Profile Report, The College Board.
***GRE Scores: GRE General Test Interpretive Data by Graduate Major Field, Educational Testing Service, 2019.

About our curriculum

Inside the Classic Series Workbook and Premium Series for Beginners

Our curriculum at Little Latin Readers is made with a child’s heart and curiosity at its core. Tailored for various learning stages, each series integrates the Latin language with Catholic values.

The Classic Series is your child’s gateway to the Latin language, offering a gentle introduction to its basics through engaging stories and activities. It’s the perfect starting point for young learners.

The Premium Series builds on this foundation, introducing more complex texts and grammatical concepts, ideal for students ready to expand their Latin proficiency.

Together, they create a comprehensive path from beginner to advanced, enriching students’ education with the beauty of Latin.

Academic and faith advantages

Harmonizing academic excellence with Catholic identity

We’re dedicated to harmonizing academic excellence with the enrichment of Catholic identity through our Latin classes. This dual focus ensures:

Academic Growth: “Students mastering Latin develop a mindset for success in all academic areas,” highlights Dr. Jordan Almanzar, PhD, Academic Advisor and Latin Instructor at Kolbe Academy.

Spiritual Development: “Our curriculum connects students with their Catholic heritage, bringing faith into everyday learning,” shares Louis Tofari from Romanitas Press, a parent and advocate for Catholic education.

Our lessons are an investment in your child's future and faith. By integrating the Latin language with Catholic values, we offer a unique educational experience that prepares young minds for both academic achievements and spiritual growth.

"The Little Latin Readers series is simply the best program available for young learners of Latin. In terms of content and format, parents and students alike will discover an unparalleled presentation in which to engage the language of Western Civilization."
Jordan Almanzar, PhD
Academic Advisor, Latin Instructor, Kolbe Academy

A Concentric Way of Learning

To reinforce concepts & build confidence

The entirety of our series were designed to support Latin learners from elementary through to highschool concentrically—where foundational concepts learned in the Classic Series are then circled back to during the Premium series, layering them with more knowledge and complexity.

This practical method reinforces learning, makes it easier to integrate new information, and ensures a depth of Latin mastery that superficial courses don’t provide—all while introducing new Catholic-based stories and readings that keep inspiring little learners.

The Classic Series

For an incremental immersion in Latin

● Gives an excellent foundation in pronunciation of ecclesiastical Latin & rudimentary grammar concepts

● 7 volumes for different student levels, each completable in one semester

● Intended for instruction in Latin 3-4 times a week

The Premium Series

For more intensive instruction in Latin

Gives an advanced Latin education with more detailed explanations of grammar concepts, basic conversational Latin phrases, counting, and reading a calendar

Enrichment with Latin prayers, Scripture quotes, and stories of Christian Europe

Includes a variety of exercises, weekly quizzes, quarterly and semester exams

3 volumes for different student levels, each completable in one semester

● Intended for instruction in Latin 5 times a week

Latin Teaching Made Easy

Explore our Latin courses which are designed for both school classrooms and homeschool settings.


Recommended for Grades 2 through 5

* Drill Book & Drill Book Audio are a part of Primer and Premium levels only.


Recommended for Grades 6 through 8 and beyond

"The Little Latin Readers are a delightful introduction to Latin for children. The program gives children a real, yet accessible reading experience enhanced by beautiful illustrations that foster comprehension, as well as a lovely variety of grammar practice."
Dr. Laura M. Eidt
Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, University of Dallas

Wondering where to start your Latin journey?

We’re here to guide you! For beginners, our Classic Series offers the perfect introduction to the Latin language for kids, creating a solid foundation in fun and engaging ways. As confidence grows, the Premium Series further enriches students’ learning with deeper insights into Latin texts and concepts. Whether you’re seeking Latin classes for elementary or high school students, our programs are tailored to fit every stage of learning.
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