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Give your child the Latin advantage.

Learn the living language of the Church.

Study the life of Christ and His Mother, the Holy Mass and history of Europe


The Beginner stage of Little Latin Readers includes three primers which teach first, second and third declension nouns in greatly expanded detail for the youngest students. Students of all ages may begin with the primers for the most comprehensive foundation. The accompanying drill books which feature enrichment exercises are especially recommended for beginning students in grades 3 and above.


The Intermediate stage includes four levels which are suitable for students in grades 3 and above who may begin with Level One (Italia) if desired for a more accelerated course. Level One begins with a more intensive study of the concepts introduced in Primers A, B, and C. Levels Two through 4 continue the study of the five declensions of nouns and basic grammatical concepts, giving the student a comprehensive foundation to proceed to high school Latin with ease and confidence.