Latin — your key to academic success!


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Welcome to Little Latin Readers!

Latin — your key to academic success!

Did you know that Latin helps students :

  • learn better, faster and more efficiently.
  • improve test scores
  • enrich vocabulary and comprehension
  • lead to academic and professional success
Kids love learning Latin

The top reasons Little Latin Readers will have you reading and speaking Latin today:

  • Latin language immersion at a gentle pace
  • Completion of short, small-format readers give students an important sense of achievement and success.
  • Workbooks and answer keys facilitate easy progress at any age
  • Audio pronunciation CD's guarantee correct pronunciation of words

"My soon to be 4th grader loved levels A & B last year and is really looking forward to moving on. I love this series, my oldest had used [different Latin program] and we really felt like we had to slog through just to get it done. But Little Latin Readers were always delightful and a joy. My younger one had learned nearly as much in 1 year with LLR as the oldest had learned in 2. Thanks for another great tool!"

- Zabrina, NC

"My 3rd grader loves the Latin Readers. The stories are easy and simple for her to translate. They help her to build a basic vocabulary for everyday words. She now has a good base to build her Latin studies on later."

- Pamela, TX

“I wanted to pass along my praise of Julie Collorafi's new Little Latin Readers. I find them wonderfully clear and concise in their contents, visually uncluttered and pleasing to the eye, and filled with lovely classical drawings and images throughout. They are little gems and I can not wait to use them with my children.”

- Kari, NY