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Primer A

The beginning level, Puella Romana (The Roman Girl), introduces the student to simple Latin sentences and short paragraphs with stories from the life of a girl in ancient Rome. 

Primer B

The second primer introduces the student to slightly more difficult sentences and longer paragraphs with engaging illustrated stories of the ancient Britons and Gauls. 

Primer C

The third primer introduces the student to more difficult sentences with engaging descriptions of historical events. The main emphasis is on learning third declension nouns. 


Level 1

The first intermediate reader offers longer stories and poems than the primers, using first and second declension nominative nouns, simple being verbs and intransitive verbs and prepositions with the ablative and accusative cases incorporated in illustrated stories about ancient Italy.


Level 2

The second intermediate reader features longer stories and poems with first and second declension nouns in the nominative, genitive accusative and ablative cases. Third person transitive verbs and direct objects in the accusative case are introduced in illustrated stories about the life of Mary.



Level 3

Christus et Apostoli uses accounts from the life of Christ adapted from the Vulgate New Testament to introduce the student to more involved Latin stories and poems. Third declension nouns, including I-stem nouns, are included, along with many familiar first and second declension nouns. Indirect objects in the dative case are found throughout.

Level 4

The Sancta Missa reader presents an examination of the Catholic Mass in illustrated excerpts from Saints writing's and drawing from the study of the Mass, The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; Dogmatically, Liturgically and Ascetically Explained” by the Rev. Nicholas Gihr.


Our Vision

Inspired by the model of Bob Books, which are little books based on simple words for beginning English readers, we designed Little Latin Readers to be small, hand-sized readers with short, simple Latin stories introducing a limited number of concepts and vocabulary words in gradually progressing levels.

Students from the second grade on up are able to begin the study of Latin. The series is designed so elementary and middle school students will gain sufficient proficiency to advance to a high school Latin program, e.g., Henle Latin, Wheelock’s Latin, or Missal Latin with ease and confidence.

One of the great strengths about the LLR program is that it combines the best features that are most effective in learning a language: immersion at a slow pace, gentle enough for anyone to progress no matter what the age, and explanation and reinforcement of grammar concepts, while being able to use the CDs as a guide to correct pronunciation.

Little Latin Readers will have your child reading and speaking Latin today!

Outstanding Features of the Little Latin Readers Series

1) Latin language immersion at a gentle pace
2) Completion of short, small-format readers give students an important sense of achievement and success.
3) Workbooks and answer keys facilitate easy progress at any age
4) Audio pronunciation CD’s guarantee correct pronunciation of words
5) Explanations of grammar concepts, cumulative vocabulary reviews, reading drills, translations of all selections, and a Latin-English dictionary for easy reference.

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